We’d love for you to have a go at some of our “Try it at Home” series with your children / the children in your care, which will reinforce the class learning at home. We have also created a new ‘Parent Support Sheet’ with Psychologist and parenting expert Dr Malie Coyne and play therapist Linsey Mc Nelis to help you engage with the Try it at Home series.


Lesson 1 – Introduction to Feelings
Lesson 2 – Big Feelings – Happy and Sad
Lesson 3 – Big Feelings – Anger
Lesson 4 – Big Feelings – Fear
Lesson 5 – Big Feelings – Self-Esteem
Lesson 6 – Big Feelings – Friendship
Lesson 7 – When Friendships go Wrong
Lesson 8 – Repairing Friendships
Lesson 9 – Diversity
Lesson 10 – Being Safe Online and Reflection on the Programme