Our children are taught algebra in school yet few will ever use algebra in their future lives. They are not consistently taught how to take care of or talk about their own minds, yet all will use their minds 24/7 and, at some point, feel anxious, overwhelmed or maybe find themselves in crisis. That’s why we created the A Lust for Life Schools Programme, a 10 week teacher-led programme which aims to build resilience, increase wellbeing & enhance the emotional literacy of 1st to 6th class school children.

About the Schools Programme

The A Lust For Life Schools Programme is an emotional wellbeing and resilience programme for children, developed with best practice in psychology, mindfulness and education. It is a free of charge programme that is designed to equip children with the tools and skills to navigate the ups and downs of life by building:

  • Emotional Resilience
  • Emotional Literacy
  • Emotional Awareness

What’s Involved?

Our digital platform includes:

  • Lesson Plans & class activities
  • Video & animated content in a Netflix-style gallery
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • A ‘Try It At Home’ Series

Supported by a Teacher Toolkit to share the educational, psychological context and cross-curricular links of the programme.

What’s Required?

All you need is a screen, audio speakers and an internet connection.

Register on the homepage now to deliver the programme in your classroom.

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Introduction to Be Internet Legends

Safety is a crucial component of children’s well-being which is why we have partnered with Google to include components of their online safety programme Be Internet Legends into our Schools Programme. It’s a free educational programme that empowers children and their families to be safer and more confident explorers of the online world by teaching them:

  • to think critically and evaluate online spaces and content
  • protect themselves from online threats, like bullying and scams
  • be kind and respectful toward other people online

The topics were very current and the situations were very relatable to the children. The suggestions for questions to ask the children were very helpful and stopped me going off on a tangent.

Lucy Bowen - St Killians School

Overall the programme was great, I felt the students really related to it and engaged really well in the programme. They enjoyed the videos with different scenarios, very positive overall.

Nuala Howley - Kilfenora NS

The content was very good, it discussed themes that were relevant to the children, the videos were great for kickstarting discussions and the lesson plans were well laid out.

Catherine Kilcommons - St Louis SPS

I really liked the current topics, videos, mindfulness videos and the resilience app. Thank you so much to everyone who has worked so hard on this programme, we were delighted to be a part of it.

Maura Ní Thiarnaigh - An Mhodhscoil

A great programme that empowers students to be in charge of their own well-being. The hands-on strategies are presented in an appealing manner and can be easily integrated as daily routines.

Anke Caton - St Killians School

The children and I loved the programme, it was very user-friendly with very clearly planned out with precise objectives. It’s one of the best and most effective programmes I’ve used since I started teaching 19 years ago!

Pamela Denton - Clonroche National School