What is involved in delivering this programme from a teachers point of view?

The programme is designed to equip class teachers with the tools to deliver a suite of lessons, which include in-depth lesson plans with strong curricular links and learning outcomes, as well as videos and practical wellbeing tools, all of which are wrapped around a comprehensive teachers guide along with access to psychological supports.

What is the structure of the programme?

Each programme consists of series of ten lessons with a built in mindfulness programme designed to be delivered over the course of a school term by class teachers. Lessons include a mindfulness exercise, a core video, individual and class activities as well as a try it at home/home school link. Lessons also includes a number of optional extension activities, should you wish to extend the programme learning into other subjects.

Does the programme link into the school curriculum?

The programme is designed to complement the SPHE curriculum, it also offers integration opportunities across other curriculum areas such as visual arts, maths, drama and primary language curriculum.

As a teacher, how do I sign my school up for this programme?

Firstly you will need to register your class / school for the programme which you can locate on the homepage. We will be in touch before our next intake to finalise your participation ahead of sending you your login details.

What is the school / class requirement in order to sign up to the programme?

You will need to have a minimum technology requirement in your classroom in order to deliver the programme. This includes access to a screen, audio speakers and access to the internet to access the content.

What classes does this programme cater for?

Currently we have three programmes: for 1st & 2nd class, 3rd & 4th class, and for 5th & 6th class. The next programme that we are working on will cater for junior & senior infant pupils.

What if i have a multigrade class?

The programmes are specifically written and tailored to the psychological and educational stages of pupils in those classes, however, you will know your pupils best and will be best suited to assess the most suitable programme for your class.

Is the programme evaluation manditory?

While we would really encourage schools to take part in the programme evaluation in order to help us grow and improve our programme, it is not mandatory. That is to say that the programme evaluation is independent to the programme delivery.

Where can i find out more about the programme?

Please visit our About the Programme page to hear from pupils and teachers about the Schools Programme, you will also find our downloadable infographic PDF should you wish to share this with your colleagues.

Are my login details the same for all programmes?

Login details are different for each programme level.

Is this programme available in other languages?

Currently the programme is only available in English, it is our ambition to broaden this reach to encompass other languages however, for now it is only available in English.

Is the programme content available to download to others who are not teachers?

No, the programme is designed to be delivered in a classroom context by class teachers only.

As a teacher, do I need to have a background in mental health education to deliver this programme?

No, you do not need to have a background in mental health education to deliver this programme. This programme focuses on well-being and resilience. While all teachers have a responsibility to meet the educational needs of children, schools will have different ways of supporting children.

What training is involved for teachers to deliver this programme?

Once you are signed up and have receive your log in details, you will have access the teacher training resources including an e-guide as well as a training video which outlines the programmes content, as well as the key elements to the programme.

As a parent / carer, how do I get my child’s school involved in the programme?

If you would like your child to take part in this programme, please contact the school principal or teacher; they can register their interest in the programme and we will be in touch with them directly.

As a parent / carer what can I do with my child at home to support them whilst they are taking part in this programme at school?

We encourage parents / carers to engage with the ‘Try it at home’ series of the programme. The aim of the Try it at Home series is to encourage parents / carers to support their children as they undertake the programme. This series includes a number of activities and exercises to engage with at home in order to reinforce the class learning as well as to encourage an open the conversation around wellbeing at home. Please visit our Parents page to keep up to date with the weekly Try it at Home activities.

My child / the child in my care is seeing a therapist outside of school, will taking part in this programme confuse them or affect them negatively?

The programme should not have any negative affect on your child / the child in your care. The programme is a proactive wellbeing and resilience programme that is not designed to open up or elucidate negative emotions in children.

Are there any risks to children who are participating?

The programme is a proactive wellbeing and resilience programme that is not designed to open up or elucidate negative emotions in children. In circumstances where a child may become distressed, we encourage teachers to rely on their existing skillset, to provide appropriate reassurance to the child and to follow the school protocol in ensuring the involvement of parents / guardians in supporting the child.