Dear Parents and Guardians,

Irish mental health charity, A Lust for Life, have developed a primary school wellbeing and resilience programme, ‘The Schools Programme’, which is designed to build resilience, increase wellbeing and enhance the emotional literacy of primary school children. Over the last number of years we have worked with a team of educators and psychologists as well as parents and children to develop a programme which aims to teach children the essential tools to manage the ups and downs of life. We are delighted that your child/the child in your care is taking part in the programme at present.

This particular set of lessons is called the ‘Primary to Secondary School Transition Lessons’ and has been designed specifically to support 5th and 6th class pupils ahead of the big move to secondary school.

We have created this Parent Support Sheet to help you through this experience also and to help you engage with the activities and learnings from the programme with your child. This document provides an overview of what your child will be/is learning and also includes some top tips from Clinical Psychologist, Author and Health Advocate, Dr. Eddie Murphy.